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Looking Across the Chincoteague Channel

Two Ponies Having a Drink at Dusk

Swans at the Nature Preserve


Red Winged Blackbird - The Nature Preserve is a Birders' Paradise

Pony Having a Drink

Assateague Light in Summer

The Herd

Old Drawbridge Coming Into Town

The new bridge was dedicated in October 2010 and is now in use. The old metal drawbridge will soon be only a memory.

Sika Buck

Sika deer are a common sight on the Nature Preserve.  This handsome fellow was just eating the tender grass along the side of the road.

Pony Swim

Yes, horses can swim!  These are the famous Chincoteague ponies swimming across the channel from Assateague for the Annual Pony Swim and Auction, held by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department, called the Saltwater Cowboys.  A "must see" at least once in your life!

Ponies Running on the Beach

Ponies running on the beach -- probably trying to get away from the Saltwater Cowboys!

Egret Resting on Loblolly Pine

Canada Geese on the Salt Marsh Estuary