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Our Cats

We are currently owned by six beautiful cats:  Albie, a nine year old impish yellow and white who is purrrr-sonality plus; Miss Bobbie Sue, an eight year old beige and white female; Mr. Silk, a sixteen year old tuxedo kitty; Noelle, a two year  old flame point Siamese/domestic shorthair mix rescued the day before Christmas, 2009; Jack, a one-eyed mischievious five year old orange and white domestic short hair adopted from Animal Friends of Barbour County on Memorial Day, 2011 and the baby, Daisy May, also adopted from AFOBC at the same time we adopted Jack.  She will be a year old on Memorial Day 2012.    Two cats pictured here, Kato and Albert, are sadly no longer with us, but always remembered and always loved. 

Albie's Big Eyes

Bobbie Sue

Albie in Sunshine

Our little princess, Bobbie Sue.

His Royal Highness, Prince Albert II (aka: Albie)

Albie in my Comfy Chair

Miss Bobbie Sue McGee in Winter

His Royal Highness Prince Albert the First

Computer Cat - Bobbie Sue


Bobbie Sue in one of her Strange Napping Places

Albert Stretched Out on the Bed

Bobbie Sue in Bridgeport - Dainty Little Lady

Bobbie Sue Doing What Cats Do Best ... Sleeping

Albie and Bobbie Sue - A Matched Pair

Albie and Mr. Silk, Best Friends

Mr. Silk in Winter

Mr. Silk With His Toy - Possession is 90% of the Law

Albie on the Breezeway

The Smooth Mr. Silk

Cleaning my tail

The Boys - Best Friends

I'm so cute! Look at those little pink feet!

Little Noelle

Albie in Sepia


Mr. Silk at the Beach

Beautiful ~ but bad to the bone ~ Kato

Soft n fluffy Kato

Albie and Bobbie Sue

Jack and Daisy May, friends and lovers.

Gentleman Jack.

Peek-a-boo Daisy May

Beautiful Noelle, all grown up.